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Online Podcast and Video Tutorial courses to bridge the Gap between the Classroom and Practice.


Ever got asked to draw a foundation detail and found yourself lost? Ever wanted to understand a specific construction detail better but didn’t know how to go about it?

Felt like it is almost time for your internship, and you still don’t know a lot of things you probably should know about the technical aspects of architecture? Or do you just want to make yourself a more knowledgeable, well informed young architect?

We at Architects’ Workshop India have developed short term online courses that equip you with all of this, through podcasts and a video series. We are tied up with various practising architects and offices to bring the latest in professional practice to you, in the convenience of your own home.

We aim to be the bridge that connects what you learn in architecture school to how you would practically apply that knowledge at work.

Reducible Complexity and Additive Simplicity Our Syllabus

Additive Simplicity.
In Architects Workshop India’s courses, we start from the very basics (so even a first Semester student would not find themselves lost), with the aim to progressively add to your vocabulary of the architectural language.

Reducible Complexity.

Each video is a part of a series, but will also hold good by itself to help you understand a specific topic better.  You can follow the line of videos back to the very simple beginnings of the idea.












Workshops We Offer

Data In The Design Process Learn the power of Data in the Design Process

Introduce the power of data in to the world of design, through a
discourse of the design process. How to gather relevant data, tools to
analyse it, data visualization, and its application in design.


3D Printing And Modelling Be as comfortable printing in 3D as you would be printing your 2D drawings

A one day design workshop showing the Design Process behind 3D printing. An instructive method to design your own 3D models that are perfectly print ready in all respects.

Courses We Offer

Practical Architecture What you need to know before joining an office. - A LiveStreamed Course

The introductory course we offer is an amalgamation of the working drawing class and relevant building construction knowledge to help you to build on what you know from architecture school, and teaches you how this knowledge may be fruitfully applied at work as a young architect in practise.

We also cover the functioning of an office and an introduction to the ‘insides’ of an office, to help you calm the nerves of being in that environment for the first time, so you have an idea of what to expect!

Architects’ Workshop India’s – Crash Course for Students of Architecture in Training #2  starts on the 26th of June, 2017. Drop us an Email if you’re interested, and we’ll keep you informed. (Keep an eye out for launch offers and scholarships!)


Building Construction The Basics of Construction Technology - A Sponsored Course

                Architects Workshop India’s free online video series will cover the entirety of “Building Construction” as covered from semester one through eight. They will, very briefly explain the concepts of construction, and relevant industry standard details through a detailed look at all the different building components.
                This series will be available for free on YouTube for everyone, on our official channel.

Architects' Workshop India

Architects' Workshop India - Architectural Building Construction - Drawing Types

Architects’ Workshop India – Architectural Building Construction – Drawing Types