Left to Right:
Suraj Ganesh, Mahendra Patel, Manisha Hegde, Utsav Shah, Raunak Sudhakar, Sneha K Bhagwat, Pooja Ugrani, Anirudh Prabhu, Gatham Jayakumar

Architects’ Workshop India

The People & Our Ideas.

We at Architects’ Workshop India,  are a bunch of architects who have been in the field and working as architects for more than a few years. We are not famous, nor do we immediately aspire to be. Between us, we’ve been either partners or owners of 6 firms, and have worked in many more. We have 4 lecturers, 6 Jurors and 8 Practicing Architects. We designed many buildings, both as our own work, and more working collaboratively with others and under others, more still.

We, as a set of 9 Architects have experience in varying situations, from Client Meetings to Hackathons, from conducting class to orchestras. We bring all that experience and enthusiasm to bear.

We are a workshop, for architects, with video courses, LiveStreamed courses, PodCasts, physical workshops, Webtools, Events, and many more platforms we’ve been hard at work developing.